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Nowadays, in the rapid development of the Internet, substantial Internet data and fast iterative Internet hotspots are constantly updated by our side. GIBX MT5, the world’s first decentralized digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions, announced that the much-anticipated GIBX MT5 LP MAM+5A would be officially launched on July 7th, allowing users to experience the world’s top services.

The GIBX MT5 platform allows GIBXChange to take a more significant step towards international trade. Let us understand and use the MT5 international universal platform together. Many people often do not profit because they don’t have a reliable trading platform, and don’t even know how to start. Therefore the GIBX MT5 platform can bring a comprehensive user experience for them. MT5 (MetaTrader) is an institutional diversified financial market trading software. It is a financial trading software written by the MetaQuotes platform (Medac), equivalent to an upgraded version of MT4 trading software. It is currently one of the most innovative, influential, and gold-standard trading platforms on the market. It aims to provide financial intermediaries with trading platforms for trading financial products such as foreign exchange, CFDs, stocks, and futures to their customers, including various Transaction execution functions, unlimited charts, a large number of technical indicators and curves, custom indicators, and scripts. At the same time, the GIBX MT5 platform provides:

    • A built-in automated trading market.
    • A freelance strategy developer database.
    • Copy-trading.
    • Virtual hosting services.

It can handle dozens of different financial instruments.

GIBX MT5 is the world’s best diversified financial trading platform, allowing traders to trade financial instruments such as foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, indices, stock CFDs, commodities, and futures. We provide traders with excellent and comprehensive market price analysis tools and use algorithmic trading applications (automatic trading and Expert Advisors) and copy trading systems.

As a foreign exchange trading master securities broker authorized and regulated by FCA of the United Kingdom, AUSTRAC of Australia, FINCEN, ASIC, FINTRAC of Canada, DC.GOV of the United States, MSB, Estonia of Estonia, Swiss Finma of Switzerland, and Bank of Lithuania, GIBX MT5 has won the world’s top Support from financial institutions. Providing all market participants with an open, fair, and just competitive environment, providing the most competitive trading spreads, and at the same time providing customers with efficient and enhanced transaction execution services, improved order execution speed, and does not involve requotes and minimum transactions with volume restrictions, in which the order success rate is as high as 96%.

GIBX MT5 international data center network connects the quotations of many top banks, non-bank market makers, and electronic communication networks (ECN). It provides customers with the most competitive trading spreads and liquidity transactions according to different market conditions. These top liquidity mainly come from world-class big banks, including Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, and ABN AMRO (There are also some insurance and fund companies, such as Quantum Fund and BlackRock. The liquidity provider LP also has the right to quote in the foreign exchange market). The liquidity provider LP is also divided into different levels – the closer to the level of the inter-bank foreign exchange market, the better the liquidity.

The GIBX digital bank exchange system was upgraded again, and the Multi-LP (multi-traffic provider access) functional module was optimized and upgraded. Use Multi-LP module to independently manage multiple markets and LP seamlessly to connect more than 100 trading markets and LPs around the world:

Central banks: including Bank of America, Barclays Bank, and UBS.

Exchange: including CME, NYSE, NASDAQ.

ECN network: including Currenex, EBS, and Hotspot.

Non-bank dealers: including Interactive Brokers, LMAX, Advanced Markets, CFH, IS Prime, and Tier1FX.

The most significant difference between GIBX MT5 and the market is that GIBX uses the world’s original GIBX MT5 LP MAM+5A hedging model to open up a new wealth pattern. Artificial intelligence technology analyzes and screens the incoming flow of orders and then accepts orders with a high chance of losing money from customers. GIBX directly liquidates these almost winning orders with the qualifications of “market maker.” On the contrary, trading orders with relatively high risks or high customer profit opportunities will be thrown into the bidding liquidity pool or “dark pool” and matched to a more significant upstream bank or LP for bidding and clearing orders. In other words, the entire hedging operation is based on the advantage of the bookmaker. Most of the time, GIBX makes a steady profit without losing money. GIBX MT5 is the bookmaker, retail investors are gamblers, and retail investors have a great chance of losing money. Customers can pledge GUSDT/USDT to provide liquidity with GIBX so that GIBX can eat more retail investors’ clearing profits and earn stable and high returns every month.

GIBX MT5 LP MAM+5A hedging mode allows every open position to watch real floating transactions on the spot through the “MT5 Client”. For each order, you will see the name of the broker and traffic provider who sold the order to the market. Users can also use a comprehensive account for community trading (document copying) and fund custody trading services. Only GIBX can do it in the industry! Let us witness the subversive miracle of the GIBX foreign exchange 2.0 platform on the foreign exchange.

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