What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company? SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is a company with no commercial operations which was established to bypass the traditional public offering (IPO) process, that is, to raise funds from the public before acquiring an existing company. It is also called a “blank check company”. In simple terms, firstly, […]

New GIBX MT5 Foreign Exchange

Nowadays, in the rapid development of the Internet, substantial Internet data and fast iterative Internet hotspots are constantly updated by our side. GIBX MT5, the world’s first decentralized digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions, announced that the much-anticipated GIBX MT5 LP MAM+5A would be officially launched on July 7th, allowing users to experience the […]

GIBX Defi to Become One of the Finest Decentralized Exchange.

Decentralization is a concept opposite to centralization. In simple terms, centralization means that the center determines the node. The node must rely on the center, and the node cannot survive if it leaves the center. GIBX Defi is just the opposite. In a system with many nodes distributed, each node has a high degree of […]